14 Exterior Property tips to prepare your home for the market

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Okay. You've committed to sell your house. You've decided it's time to make the BIG move.... Pause—take a deep breath. Now un-pause.

Now what?


There are many things to do to prepare for moving. It's enough to make you sink into your chair. It can be overwhelming when you don't know where to start, but don't worry, we are here to help you with some great advice!


At My Interior Stylist we have created a check list to get the exterior of your house ready for the market. Use the following checklist to help prepare your property which could see you with a whole lot more money in your pocket after the sale.

Just remember, you only get one change to make a great, first impression.  

If you need more help, remember we're here to help you get your property looking at it's best for the big day. 

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My Interior Stylist

Curb Appeal - People will drive past your house to get a feel for it. This is a crucial decision-making factor in deciding whether people will stop to take a look or not.

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Curb appeal
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Give your lawn some well deserved attention. Australian summers are brutal and some pre-planning is key. Start giving it attention at least 4-6 weeks prior to putting your home on the market by watering it regularly and perhaps some lawn treatment from your local garden store.

Front Angle Beauty - If you have out of control bushes/plants, trim it or hire a gardener to clean things up. Over grown gardens break down the front view of your home, making it appear neglected. Giving it some TLC will make people believe your home is worth more.

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Large concrete areas might not always look very appealing but there is an easy solution - purchase beautiful pots and plants to place in those areas.  You can splurge a bit more money here as you can take them with you to your new property. 

Drive ways and foot paths - These areas are pretty large surfaces, and if not clean and taken care of can be very off-putting.  Luckily there are several options here to make it look great again.

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If you have a swimming pool, this is the perfect place where you can create that lifestyle the potential buyers has dreamed of, so make sure it is sparkling blue and well maintained.

Remove old Christmas lights and other lights that do not work anymore.

A nicely lit home helps add extra dimension to your spaces, inside and out.


Your porch light – If it is not working or the bulb is out, you will need to get it fix. Often, people drive by at night and your property will look so much better when the outside lights are working. When the house is on the market, keep your outside lights on.


Front door – Your front door is the beginning of the grand tour of your home. Make sure it looks presentable. 

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Hide any ugly wheelie bins. They detract from the charm and beauty your house has to offer. Alternatively, put them out of sight and try to let them blend into the area as much as possible. 

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Everyone loves a good BBQ, especially here in Australia and your outdoor areas can be a deal breaker if it's not kept well. In addition to that, it can be a huge selling point especially if your home has a cozy kitchen with limited cupboard space. 

Entertainment areas – You need to create lifestyles for potential buyer touring your home, so think about things that would excite you when entering a space. Ask yourself, can I see myself entertain here and does this space feel inviting? 

Keyword: Lifestyle!

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The Swimming Pool – Make sure it’s sparkling and blue. This is extremely important, as this contributes to the lifestyle potential buyers imagine when they walk through your property. 

My Interior Design slogan – We create “I want to live here” moments.


Following these tips will add value to your home and prepare your home for the market. Stay tuned for more interior styling tips, tricks, hacks and advice!

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