5 Organization Tips for Mums

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Whenever a new year comes around, after the excitement wears off the sanity starts to go right along with it. New sports clubs, new teachers, new homework regimens, maybe even new schools, where does one even begin?

This year I made it my mission to keep up with it all, so I decided to start from scratch. I took some solutions I use every year, tweaked them and made some improvements.

I present to the mums of the world, the My Interior Stylist-Approved New Year Solutions for Mums.

Where did the football bag go?

My son has an activity virtually every day of the school week. There’re football clothes, footballs, karate uniforms, swimming gear. In between managing my business and my son’s less than tidy tendencies trying to find it all is a headache.

There needed to be a designated place where I could store all of my son’s daily activities’ gear and organize it by the day. Once I articulated the problem, the solution became so obvious.

Luckily, there was this wonderful shelf in my son’s room full of things that could be thrown out and cleaned out.

I created a tag for each day of the week, placed below each shelf and VIOLA – a daily activities organizer with a couple extra shelves for miscellaneous school related things!

Homemade Activities Organizer

I’m honestly quite proud of how useful this has turned out to be. Good bye early morning scrambles to find my son’s football gear. I strongly suggest organizing shelving units by the day. Organizing activities by the day means less headache in the morning before school.

Leave a photo of your version of this in the comment section below!

Lunch box organization

We all want to create healthy and ‘beautiful’ lunch boxes for our kids. But sometimes our sanity fades slightly when our “starving kids” eat all of the items intended for the lunch box by Thursday, and we have to settle with less healthy items to stuff their lunch boxes with.

Something had to be done.

I went to K-Mart looking for some sort of organizational storage unit that would fit in the fridge. I found this cutlery tray that I’ll admit, wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. But when I got home, I was pleasantly surprised as it was just what I needed to store and organize all of my son’s lunch box items.

Below a picture of it stuffed with all of my son’s lunch box items for the week. However, for added security I created a new house rule. Mum’s new rule for the fridge is you can have anything EXCEPT what is in the cutlery tray, now called the “lunch box tray”.

Now I just do my shopping for the week, fill up the lunch box tray, and packing my son’s lunch in the morning or night before takes less than 2 minutes!

Homemade Lunch Box Organizer

Where did that birthday invitation go?

If you’re anything like me, I do not like having my refrigerator resembling a junk drawer with bits of paper hanging in disarray from magnets. I much rather prefer an organization station like the one pictured below.

Easy Access Organization

This organizer is so good for school permission slips, party invitations, school newsletters/reference letters, and even a spot for mum and dad. I can’t even count how many times I’ve read a permission slip or something from school, or a birthday invitation, and then either accidentally thrown it away or simply placed it in a spot I will not remember.

I recommend finding an organizational filer like this one, putting it somewhere easy to access, adding some labels, and you instantly have an easy to access spot to put all those seemingly random, but important, documents.

This organizer I bought at IKEA, and I also use one very similar to this in my office for marketing materials, business cards, pamphlets and other things that I can access without much trouble.

Part of what makes it so useful is its ease of access, so I often stick my glasses and other important things I cannot leave the house without so I can grab them on the way out of the house.

Documents, Documents and more Documents

We’re always so proud of our children when they come home with artwork, certificates, awards, and other goodies that we like to brag about to our fellow Mums. Wonderful though they may be, where to put them is a much tougher question.

For me, I love this little box with hanging folders that I can put all these sorts of things in. As you can probably tell, I love my labels, and this come with folders that can be labeled for things like artwork, rapports, certificates & awards, and more.

Box with Hanging Folders & Labels

A dedicated homework space

My boy is pretty good about doing his homework, but some days it is just a struggle getting him to sit down and actually do it. While I can’t really blame him, over time I noticed something that helps get him to sit down and do it.

Through trial and error, I figured out that it does help to have a dedicated space to do homework. This can be a desk in his/her bedroom, the kitchen bench or a table in the family room – do what works for you, as long as it can be made into a place to do homework.

My son has this awesome desk in his bedroom, but nope ... He prefers to do it on the kitchen bench. So, this is his dedicated homework spot.

It works for me because I see it as valuable time I can spend with him while I cook dinner, and if he needs help, I can make food and answer questions.

Dedicated Homework Spot

I hope this helps as I am all to familiar with the struggle to find organization once the school year begins. I appreciate you reading my blog, and stay tuned for more tips for interior styling, organization and other useful things for Mums.

If you have any special tips for you'd like to share, I encourage you to comment below.

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