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Create Magical Moments - DÉCOR

There are so many styles that you can select from when you’re wanting to create a gorgeous space. Look at your style of house and furniture and let some of these images inspire you. I always suggest using greenery from your garden to tie everything together.

Bonus – it’s also free, meaning you don’t have to go to the shops, hunting for greenery the day before Christmas. That is just crazy, we all know what the shops look like on Christmas Eve!

Rustic/Glam Christmas table

I love mixing up styles and that can be seen in this table. In this case, the large 10-seater table is perfect for a family Christmas lunch. Most décor items have been purchased from Target. The “ice bucket’ is actually a plant pot that I repurposed. It’s perfect as it has a plastic plug at the bottom which ensures the melted ice water doesn’t run out.

Add some drama by adding a hanging center piece to complete the look. I just picked up dried palm branches (handy resourcefulness again) and then added some pampas grass and decorations. You can also add some battery-operated fairy lights in between the branches which would look amazing and perfectly festive.

Hunters Cottage Table (I made that up, but doesn't it feel like you should be in a gorgeous cottage in a beautiful forest?)

I just love this checkered table-cloth with all the greenery to complement it.

Coastal Christmas table

If you are lucky enough to be at the coast during Christmas, you can take advantage of this by decorating your table with some shells, rattan or woven placemats, greenery and white, neutral and potentially blue colours.

A beautifully decorated table can be a visual masterpiece, but you also want it to be function so make sure that you have additional space for where you can place your food. I also like to incorporate ice buckets, for example, into the décor. You don’t have to stick to the traditional silver ice buckets either, you can select a beautiful plant pot (ensure it doesn’t have a hole in the bottom or has a plug) and use this as an ice bucket - see illustration in the Glam/Rustic table in this blog.

If you have a chandelier, you can add something extra that too by creating a hanging center piece, which is a great alternative option to table decorations for if you want to leave the table with enough space for food.

Traditional Table

Lots of green and splashes fo red to create this table. This is where a garden with lots of greenery comes in handy.

Simple but Striking!

Christmas is a time which should be celebrated with family and friends. A time to make memories and a time to reflect and appreciate everything we have, rather than focussing on the things that we don't have. So, don't worry too much about creating the perfect table, just do what makes you happy and have fun. xoxo

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