How to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro!


1. First thing’s first, get a tree that is suitable for your space

We all have different budgets, but I do recommend trying to get a good quality option so that you can use it for a couple of years. This will actually save you money in the long run! These days, there are several kinds of trees available and retailers like Kmart, Target and Big W have a great range to choose from.

Kmart offer a Cashmere tree which is a beautiful, full tree. Alternatively, you can opt for a frosted Pine Christmas tree, which is where it looks like the tips of the tree have been dusted with snow.

And then there is the pre-lit Christmas tree which already includes the

Christmas lights.

No matter your taste or style, white or green, there is a tree for everyone. Remember to look for a tree that is perfect for the height of the space where you want to use it, as you need to still have enough space for the tree topper.

If you already have a beautiful tree, then you are set to start ;-)

2. Setting up the tree

I always get inspiration from Mother Nature, and I shape my tree so that it looks natural and full. Make sure that you fluff out the branches, fill all the gaps and don’t see the trunk of the tree. Your base tree is the foundation of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree so make sure you take your time for this process

Credit: Joyfull Growing

3. Decorate your tree with a theme or colour scheme in mind

Decide on a theme and/or colour scheme before you start and make sure to keep this in mind throughout the entire decoration process.

Photo credit: Liz Marie Blog

4. Start with the lights first

If you are lucky to have a pre-lit tree then you are ready for the next step. If not, let’s start.

I always recommend starting with the lights first as it can be tricky to add them once the ornaments are on. How many metres of lights you might ask? Well as a rule of thumb, you need 5m of lights per every 60cm of tree - so if you have a 180cm tree then you would need 15m of lights.

Start with the string of lights that has the plug end on it and ensure the plug stays at the bottom. Begin at the trunk and work your way up the trunk, continue wrapping the lights evenly around the branches, closest to the trunk and then weave it outwards and upwards. Once at the top start weaving it back downwards and now focusing more on the outer branches. As you weave the lights, go in the pattern of under the branch and then over the branch.

5. Choose the right decorations

Choose decorations that will help you achieve the look you’re after. You may choose to select a variety of items, whether they are garlands, hanging ornaments or ribbons. There are a variety of decorations available on the market to suit everyone’s needs, whether it’s in the shape of a star, a furry item, a deer or floral elements, the list is endless. But it is important to stay true to the look you want to achieve and not get distracted by too many shiny items that can take away from your desired look.

Baubles are a very important decoration element and you can decide how you want to mix it up, for example you can cluster up 3 baubles, whether they are the same or different in colour, both ways can look amazing.

Hanging baubles guide:

· Add similar baubles in a ‘Z’ shape.

· Hang larger baubles closer to the centre of the tree, to give more depth and smaller ones to the outer edges of the branches.

· If you have unique baubles with special memories, hang them last to ensure they get key positioning on the tree.

Photo credit: Just Destiny Mag

9. The tree topper

The tree topper is like putting a cherry on the cake J, that is the last item that you add to compete the tree, so choose well and remember your theme and colour scheme.

10. Finally, the tree skirt

Some people have a larger basket and they place the legs inside the basket but alternatively, you can complete the tree by adding a tree skirt. The tree skirt hides the ugly legs and the skirt is also a lovely backdrop for your beautifully wrapped gifts.

Once complete, stand back and study your tree from various angles (we recommend squinting your eyes) to determine if there are empty areas to fill. Then you can relax and enjoy your Christmas creation!

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