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11 Boho Office Design Ideas to get you inspired

Boho Home Office Styling
Boho Home Office Styling

At My Interior Stylist believe that you can have a home office that is not only stylish, but also inspiring and creative. We believe in creating environments where our clients feel at ease with getting their work done while being surrounded by the things they love most: friends/family; beautiful natural light from windows or outdoor spaces such as gardens which help promote healthier living spaces because there are less distractions than traditional offices provide!


What’s more creative than a home office that lets your personality shine? We love the look of boho chic in particular, because it embodies creativity and allows you to be free-flowing. Plus Zoom's background will never be boring again with this style!

moodboard 6.jpg

Let us explain what Boho Style is?

The boho style is all about embracing the free-spirit, carefree and laidback ambiance with an eclectic mix of colors, patterns and texture. Keeping it calm and not distracting we want to focus on a more natural colour palette.

Whether you want a more minimalistic space to reduce distractions or one that's traditional, the boho office is not for everyone. But those who are creative and passionate will find themselves in paradise with this type of home workspace.

1. Hang a Gallery Wall

When you need a little personality in your home office, try adding an artfully mixed-media gallery wall. This one features photography and prints from different artists alongside textured materials like silk fabric or macrame weavings for added texture! The best part is that it’s easy to create on yourself – just find something with color combinations that speak volumes about who are as individuals while still being cohesive enough together, so they blend seamlessly into one space when viewed collectively instead of individually.


2. Decorate with Plants

What's not to love about a little nature? From the fresh air and country chic, bohemian decor is all about celebrating your inner wild child with an eco-friendly twist. And what better way than adding some plants for good measure! Not only will they help you breathe easier by improving air quality in this space but also give off positive energy that'll make everyone happy (and productive!)

Botanical office décor has never been more popular; it adds personality while making you feel relaxed during your daily work hours - who could ask more from. If you are a plant killer like me ;-), there are a beautiful range of fake plants on the market.

3. Maximize Natural Light

As a lighthearted design style, natural lighting is especially fitting for boho offices. Not only does it bring good vibes into your workspace and help energize you during work hours but also because of its abundance in homes with windows open or uncovering shades helps keep the mood upbeat no matter what time we're talking about!


4. Window Treatments

One of my favourite window treatments for this style is using soft white linen curtains, hanging from a natural Eucalyptus  pole. These poles have a striking visual impact when used with this style

5. Go Bold With Color

When it comes to office design, bohemian is all about airy and calm. But you can be quite bold too! If your heart desires some extra personality in this space--a statement wall color will provide just what's needed for an exciting boho vibe that really makes the home come alive with energy instead of distracting from its beauty like other colors might do so quickly (and often).


6. Create Textural Layers

The best way to make an office feel like homely and cozy is by adding texture. Texture can be achieved through natural materials such as wood furniture, plants, woven cushions and throws or textured rugs. This boho-inspired space has layer upon layers of cozy feeling which helps keep people coming back again (and again).

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 3.14.36 pm.png

7. Sprinkle in a Dash of Whimsy

Whimsical touches in a home office can help lighten the mood and bring out your creative side. Consider decorating with eclectic pieces of artwork, or adding some personality by way of funky pendant light or carved wood desk.  

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 9.16.55 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 3.14.53 pm.png
IMG_3701-compressed 2.jpg

8. Incorporate a Vintage Rug

The eclectic nature of bohemian design is a mix between old and new, which gives the space an appearance that it has been collected over time. A great way to bring in this sense of history into your boho home office would be with vintage rugs or furniture styles inspired by nostalgia for simpler times gone past. Plus neutral woven carpets can add so much personality while also driving home one's desired aesthetic!

Picture 12.png

9. Add Lux Elements

Want to give your home office a boho lux look? Add some glamorous touches and you’ll have yourself the perfect chick bohemian workspace! Incorporate a gilded mirror, chandeliers like this beaded ones above or lamps in marble or brass tones for an overall casual but elegant vibe.

Picture 13.png

10. Use Light and Airy Furniture and Materials

To create an open, airy vibe in a boho home office we like to use natural materials and light reflecting surfaces. We opt for furniture with frames that are not too cluttered so it feels less stressful when working or studying at the desk area of our space. With the plethora of textures in a boho office, it's important to keep things simple. Furniture with light colors helps make your space feel inspiring instead over overwhelming and brings an airy vibe that is perfect for keeping you inspired!

Picture 1.png

11. Keep It Minimal

This desk is the perfect mix of boho and modern. It has a natural wood front, which gives it an earthy vibe but still keeps things clean with its lines! If you're looking for something to add some life into your office without overwhelming or taking up too much space then this piece might be just what you need - plus there are lots other ways that can help keep distractions at bay (like filling shelves).


Do you need a hand with creating the perfect office space?

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