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Creating a designer bedroom on a budget!

I don't believe that it’s necessary to spend a fortune to create a beautiful space.



Summer is around the corner and has inspired me to create a tropical styled bedroom.

Bed Linen

Let us start with the look or style that I wanted to create.

In this case, I have gone for a tropical style.

Here the main focus is the palm tree print on this duvet set which I found a BigW at the very low price of $43 for a King size.

When I saw it, I just knew that I can create something special.

A duvet set can usually be big ticket item but for $43, it is a steal.

I did a workshop using this set and many of the attendees said that they wouldn't have thought of buying it, but seeing it displayed and illustrated like this, inspired them to go and purchase a set.

Palm tree duvet set.jpeg
Pillow Talk Duvet.png

I have to be honest here, I was just about to post this newsletter to see that the duvet cover above, from BigW is no longer available but I found alternative options which are also great.

Currently the duvet set on the left from Pillow Talk is now on SALE for $74 for a super king - Casablanca Quilt Cover Set

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 3.34.25 pm.png

The Serene Quilt Cover is also on SALE now for only $65 for a king size 

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 3.40.46 pm.png

If your budget is a bit bigger then The Byron Bay Coverlet is another beautiful option and is also on SALE now for only $149 for a king size. 

Once you have found the duvet set, start focussing on the detail on the bed. The base colour of the cushions is white, so you will want to add plain green cushions to start your cushion styling.  I found these green cushions from BigW at the low price of $18.

 I like to add another cushion in front of the two green cushions to cover the gap between the green cushions. 

In this case I suggest a white cushion and in front of the white cushion, add an accent cushion, and this is where you can spend a bit more money.


Below is a beautiful accent cushion from The Cushion Accessory Co.



This lamp from BigW is perfect for this room make-over as the woven rattan base is a key design element for this style and at only $30, what more would you want?  Click on the image to be directed to the website.

Table Lamp

table lamp.jpeg


If you have dark or red undertone bedside tables, add some layering on the tables to disguise the timber colour and soften the look with a placemat like this. Use the shape of the table, so if you have a round one, go for a round placemat. There are so many different options out there.

Bedside Table Styling

These resin palm accessories from BigW at only $30 are so cute!

I have included an illustration on how to style your bedside table If you don't like too many items on your bedside table, add useful items, for example a small dish for your rings or jewellery or a photo frame with a photo of a loved one.

Bedside table styling Large.jpg
Rattan lamp.png
Bedroom make-over
Palm tree accessory.png


Add a beautiful textured throw that will complement the colours. I suggest using a warm white or even a beige / cream colour.  I do like the tassels of this throw as it adds a bit of drama and interest.


Storage Baskets

What do you do with the cushions on your bed at bedtime?


These baskets are ideal to place your cushions in at night or you can use them to store your blankets.


It is also a nice textural item at the end of your bed. Make your decorative items count.


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