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Classic Interior Styling

What Is Classic Style?

Classic or timeless interior styling is a type of design that never goes out of style. It focuses on creating a look of elegance and sophistication that lasts through the years. This style takes inspiration from traditional design elements that have proven to be timeless. It keeps things simple and balanced with clean lines and neat details. Colors used are usually neutral like white, cream, and earth tones, which help create a sense of timelessness. Classic furniture with timeless shapes and well-made craftsmanship is preferred, often paired with luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet, or leather. To enhance the overall look, classic interior styling includes tasteful accessories like artwork, mirrors, and decorative molding. The result is a space that feels graceful, elegant, and subtly luxurious, and it will continue to be appealing for a long time.

Below are typical Classic Style furniture and decor pieces
Classic interior style mood board.jpeg
Modern style living room
Modern style bedroom

If this is your style and you would like to look at the different colour palettes, click on the colour palette button below.

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