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Coastal Interior Styling

What Is Coastal Style?

The popular, coastal style sets most of us dreaming of seaside getaways and, by following our pointers below, it's easy to bring the beachy-chic look home. Just pair watery hues with natural textures, like rope, driftwood or wicker, and mix in a few nautical touches like anchors, oars or shells. Whether you live by the sea or miles from the nearest body of water, incorporating just a few beachy decor touches can give any space a cool, coastal vibe.


Nautical items like brass ship bells, captain's wheels, colourful signal flags or boat oars are a common (and fun!) feature of the coastal style and when hung on the wall, they're a great stand-in for standard art.

Below are typical Coastal Style furniture and decor pieces
Coastal design elements.jpg
Coastal style living room
Coastal loung 2.jpeg
Coastal style bedroom
Coastal bedroom 2.jpeg

If this is your style and you would like to look at the different colour palettes, click on the colour palette button below.

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