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Hamptons Interior Styling

What Is Hampton Style?

It's inspired by the coastal areas of Long Island's East End, especially the fancy Hamptons area in New York. The style is all about creating a relaxed and classy vibe. It combines traditional and modern elements and focuses on things like natural light, colors that are easy on the eyes, and textures and materials that remind you of the beach. When you think of Hampton interior styling, picture things like light-colored walls, wooden floors that have wide planks, cozy furniture that makes you want to sit and relax, and natural fabrics like linen and jute. You might also see some nautical decorations here and there. One of the key Hamptons design features in the furniture are the"X" design.

The goal of this style is to make the space feel calm and timeless while also giving it a casual and elegant coastal vibe.

Below are typical Hamptons Style furniture and decor pieces
Hamptons 1.jpeg
Hamptons style living room
Hamptons Living room
Hamptons style bedroom
Hamptons bedroom.jpg

If this is your style and you would like to look at the different colour palettes, click on the colour palette button below

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