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11 Tips to creating a beautiful home that never dates!

Timeless Interior Design 
What Is It? 

Timeless means 'not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion', so it is a look that's not tied to any specific era, design movement or trend. This type of interior decoration exists outside the cycle in fashion but always feels fresh and stylish, with an ability for its style elements to evolve seamlessly over time.


The idea of timeless design is not new, but it can be challenging to put into practice. It is a style with lasting appeal and can be adapted over time to fit changing needs without losing its identity or feeling outdated. Many elements make up the look of a timeless interior, such as classic furniture pieces in an understated colour palette on simple backgrounds with muted tones. To help you get started on your way towards creating a well-fashioned home with classic looks that will last for years and styles everyone loves (even if they don't know why!), we have collected some top tips to help you!


If you want to create a classic, elegant look in your home, this article has all of the tips for doing that!

1. Choose furniture with a simple design and clean lines

When you want to be sure your furniture won't date quickly, go for simple shapes and styles. Upholstered seats or tables will always stay in style no matter what trend is popular; they have sophisticated looks that work well with any décor over time! Try and minimise trends and designs that are specific to a certain designer or era.

Picture 1.jpg

2. Get inspiration from classic silhouettes

There are many pieces of furniture that can help you create a timeless interior design. One way to do this is by opting for classic silhouettes, for example; a tufted sofa, a farmhouse dining table paired with wingback chairs or an ottoman coffee table to create the perfect setting in which you can relax after an eventful day!


3. Stick to Neutral Tones 

If you want to create a colour palette that will work with any style of furniture and interior, stick to neutral hues like cream or beige. Neutrals are great because they can unify different design elements in an environment without being too overpowering!


And this neutral approach works for walls and floor finishes too! This means you can incorporate new colours seasonally through pillows, curtains, drapes or rugs. Leaning into earth tones is a safe bet if want more flair but won't trend out over time. However, in saying that, beautiful tones in grey and blue is a colour range that works very well with this style.


4. Layer Natural Textures

The beauty of nature never goes out of fashion and can be used to create a timeless home that is welcoming, no matter the time period. Play up natural materials, such as wood or stone, for furniture pieces in your space. If you want something soft like linens; there are a multitude of options available for every type of personality, so find what works best with how YOU live (and decorate) today.


5. Less is more

Less is more when it comes to home décor, and this means investing in fewer pieces that will last for decades. The right furniture can make all the difference between an aesthetically pleasing space with minimal clutter over one which feels too layered or overly styled.

It may be tempting to fill every corner and pile up all your surfaces with accents, don't forget about clean lines when trying for a timeless look.


6. Combine Old With New

Old meets new in this space, with antique furniture mixed seamlessly alongside newer pieces. The result?
An interior design that spans many decades but still looks cohesive and directional - which is what we love about it!

The best way to get a mix of old and new in your home is by looking for pieces with classic designs. Combining opposing styles will result in eclectic decorating schemes instead, so try to avoid this.


7. Weave in Traditional Patterns

Interior designers have been using classic patterns like gingham, stripes and plaid for years because they provide a timeless look. And they never go out of fashion which is why these designs can be found in traditional or classic interiors across the globe today! Add them into your home through accents to give each piece its own individual flair without making it feel staid or too conventional.

In small doses, they’ll feel both old and new at the same time.

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 4.01.14 pm.png

8. Give Trends a Miss

One of the most important things to consider when designing your home is how it will feel in years from now. Trends are fun and can breathe new life into a space, but they usually date fast because there’s no sense of timelessness with them.

If there is a trend that you just absolutely love, the best way to incorporate it into your home décor is by using only a few key pieces. For example, you could have one beautiful cushion with an interesting pattern or a trendy art piece that will match your timeless style.  This can easily be swapped out or replaced in time as the trend tires or some other key piece calls.

10. Conceal Your Technology


The furniture and décor in any space is what makes it feel like home. It is the main focus of the space so try to avoid making the electronics obvious and eye-catching, if you can. To make sure your interior stays timeless, there are several products on the market to help you conceal and hide cables. Furniture pieces like media cabinets are a great way to conceal large TV screens or create a separate entertainment room instead. This step will help you keep your timeless feel without taking away your technology items.

Bunnings has a great range of products to choose from to help hide electric cords.


11. Invest in Quality Furnishings

To create a timeless design look, it's important that you have high-quality furnishings. This means durable pieces made with quality materials that can stand the test of time!


While your furnishings don't all have to be investment pieces, they should always offer exceptional, visible craftsmanship and design. Such items could be a well-made wooden desk, a chair with tightly upholstered cushions for added comfort; an elegant sofa made from quality materials such as leather, which will last longer than fabrics, paired against sleek wooden legs.



Timeless interior design and décor is a look that’s not tied to any specific era, design movement or trend

Choose furniture with a simple design and clean lines

Get inspiration from classic silhouettes, lines and designs

Stick to neutral tones 

Layer natural textures

Less is more

Combine old with new

Weave in traditional patterns

Give trends a miss

Conceal your technology

Invest in quality furnishings


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