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Interior Styling Guide - Snapshot

Interior Styling Brisbane

Each Guide is custom created for you, at your house. It is not a downloadable product from the internet, it is bespoke and we create it to work with your style and the look you want to achieve.


Interior Styling Brisbane

The Guide is an interactive, shopable document that includes products with links where you can purchase all the items we have selected for and with you.

Our clients LOVE that they can purchase the products at their own pace and when their budget allows.


Interior Styling Brisbane

Selected for you

Beautiful products that has been selected for your style and your home.

We can suggest new furniture and start from scratch or we can work with your current furniture and add items to pull it all together to create your dream home.

Interior Styling Brisbane

Styling like an expert

We also show you how to style your house like a stylist.  We provide detailed illustrations, videos and images.

Interior Styling Brisbane

Determining your style...

We provide you with colour and mood boards to give you a clear insight into the look that we will help you create.

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