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Affordable and convenient
In-house or online

Allows you to purchase the products when time and budget allows!

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The Interior Styling Guide

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Interior styling for everyone!

My Interior Stylist is a boutique residential interior styling company based on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We have over 20 years of experience in design, furniture layout, colour schemes and more. Whether you have a blank canvas or just need some items to pull it together, we will help you create your dream home!

My Interior Stylist  helped me in the space of 2.5 hrs to bring my vision for a beautiful home to life. They took the time to understand how our family lives and what style and colours really light me up. They have a plethora of colour combinations and furniture options to inspire every space.

- Julia

We have helped 100’s of people converting their dreams into reality

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You're not sure what to do with your home's interior. You've tried looking online for inspiration, but you don't know how to translate all the ideas into your own space.

You don't have to spend hours online or in stores trying to figure out what pieces you need for your home. We can take care of everything for you and help you create a look that is unique to you and your space.

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Step by step from finding inspiration to creating your stylish home

Identify your needs

Creating a stylish home doesn't have to be difficult. We can help you find the right look for your home. The first step of this process is to clarify the areas you want to focus on, what style you love and what colour palette will be perfect.

Finding the perfect pieces for you home

With thousands of products from Australian suppliers, we can help you find the perfect piece for your style and colour palette – whether it’s a sofa, art, cushion or pendant light.

Plus, we offer great savings on certain products!

The product - The Interior Styling Guide

You will receive a beautiful interactive Interior Styling Guide which will walk you through the process of decorating your home, with shopable mood boards, step-by-step styling illustrations and links to all the websites where you can purchase the products that we have selected together.

And our clients love that they can purchase the products at their own time.

It will Save time and money by knowing exactly what you need.

It's fun...  

And Your home is going to look amazing.

Take a look at how the Interior Guide works

A professional interior stylist create your own bespoke Interior Styling Guide, specifically for your needs.

In the Guide you will find all of the items we have selected for you with detailed illustrations on how to use, implement or style that item.

This service has I DIY part to it and the videos and inspirational images will give you all of the confidence to style your house like a pro.

You will also receive shopable mood boards to illustrate how the items will work together.

But remember, you start this journey with a professional to ensure all the items you purchase will look amazing in your home.

Your bespoke Interior Styling Guide

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We suggest trending products

We have 16 different styles that we offer our clients and they can include Boho, Coastal, Hamptons, Tropical, Classic, Industrial, Modern and more.


My Interior Stylist  helped me in the space of

2.5hrs to bring my vision for a beautiful home to life. She took the time to understand how our family lives and what style and colours really light me up. She has a plethora of colour combinations and furniture options to inspire every space.

Maryna's advice has given me the confidence to create a beautiful home in my time and with my budget. I recommend the Styling Guide to anyone wanting to feel beautiful in their home. 

- Julia

Working with Maryna of My Interior Stylist to pull together the decor of my kitchen, living room and dining rooms was a joy!


By showing me options using the Interior Styling Guide Software, I quickly found pieces that would complement my existing furniture. A comprehensive document was provided to me the next day with links to where these items could be purchased at my own pace.


My first purchase  was a set of three large copper pendant lights which hang over the kitchen island. These lights are absolutely stunning and have received many compliments. I never would have thought to choose these, but I can’t envision the room without them now.

- Melissa

What I liked most:


I liked knowing that I was being guided by an expert in interior styling, so I knew that the end result would be amazing.

I liked the ability to choose a 'style' to work with, and I was mind blown that the 

suggested items for my home were affordable and readily available. Not only did I love the suggestions, but I could afford to take on the recommendations, purchase the items and complete my home.

I loved that the service provided was exceptional, the turn around of my personal guide (which I just love and refer to every day) was fast, and that you went over and above for me long after our initial consultation was finished. I cant thank you enough for that!

- Gemma

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Fees and booking process

We want everyone to have a beautiful home, so we created our business model that saves you time and money .

We always start with 3-4 rooms in a house, anything more can feel overwhelming.

For a 2.5 hour in-house or online consultation and focussing on 3 rooms will be $899 excluding GST

An additional area will be $150 and approximately 30-45 min

Feel free to call us for an obligation free chat.
We would love to hear from you.

Thanks! Message sent.

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