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My Interior Stylist is a leading Brisbane home styling specialist that offers a complete solution for your interior design needs, whether it’s helping you achieve maximum results when selling your property, or creating an entirely new look for your home.

We provide property staging and styling services across Brisbane, Bayside and Redlands.


  • We provide friendly support and helpful staff during an often stressful time as you prepare your property for sale.

  • Professional advice with proven success. We create beautiful and marketable properties that will appeal to a wide audience.

  • We conduct market analysis to ensure we create a solution that will outshine your competitors.

  • We offer the option to work with your current furniture and breath new life into your home.

  • Quick turn around and flexibility - your needs are our priority.

  • Competitive pricing with an easy extension process.

  • Interested in going the DIY route? We can put you in touch with our sister company, Ustage, for a complete DIY Guide.

  • We have options to suit various needs - if you don't require full staging and are only after some key items like art, or cushions, Ustage offers a TakeAway Styling option that starts from as little as $210.

  • Best of all - we offer a FREE onsite inspection in order to create a detailed and personalised proposal & quote.

Complete Property Staging
Partial Property Staging
DIY Property Styling option

I have a vacant property and need to style all areas or potentially only the key areas.

Email or contact us for an onsite visit and to provide you with an obligation free quote.

I have some furniture but need to add a few more pieces, including some items that will help. to create beautiful cohesive areas.

Email or contact us for an onsite visit and to provide you with an obligation free quote.

I have some furniture that can be used but just need some styling pieces to pull it all together.  I don't have a big budget.

Let us put you in touch with our sister company, Ustage. They offer a complete DIY property preparation solution that includes both the interior and exterior. Click here to see how the DIY Property Staging Guide works.

And click here to see how the TakeAway Styling solution work.



Here is a sneak peak of what we deliver. Click below to see more before and after property staging and styling images.


Home Office

Property staging, home staging, home styling, home merchandising - these terms can be confusing, but they all mean the same thing: To sell your property in the increasingly competitive Brisbane real estate marketplace, you need to dress it for success.


With the right home styling, your house can be transformed, ensuring it sells for the best possible price in the shortest time frame.

Interior Styling is much more than just decorating and styling Brisbane homes or a space – it is about how we experience a space. It is careful planning of your internal spaces to create the flow and feel that your home needs. It's a powerful, essential part of our daily lives which affects how we live, work, and relax.


If the home you have always dreamed of has seemed unattainable on your own, we are here to help.


Maryna understands that when selling houses, visuals are key. She has an understanding of what will photograph well, and she showcases the right things so that when you are in the home, it feels peaceful and tranquil. She understands light, space and harmony and has a unique flair for colour. Maryna wants the best result for the client. She is passionate about what she does and is never repetitive in her property styling, and is always conscious of the very strict timeline that comes with selling styled property. She is one of the best home stylists in the city who works with the client and the agent to ensure the house is beautifully staged on time, every time.

- Gail Gobey, Principal Director

& Licensed Real Estate Agent

Sash & Gable Property

We asked to have home staging done when selling our house because we knew we couldn’t do it ourselves, so our real estate agents referred us to Maryna who is one of the best property stylists in the city. She came to our house, and immediately understood exactly what was needed. She came in and worked her magic and the end result was perfect. The property styling more than paid for itself with the price we were able to achieve and we sold within 6 days of the property going onto the market.

- Tane & Amanda Clark

Manly West

Our investment property had been on the Brisbane real estate market previously with tenants in the home, but it did not sell. We then brought in My Interior Stylist to stage the house for us and the difference was unbelievable. We had 4 interested buyers during the very first open home. We could not have done this ourselves. Maryna was so versatile and flexible – she was mindful of our budget so used some furniture from our own home as well as rental pieces, she arranged all the transportation for us, and even negotiated better quotes for us. She went above and beyond for us. She really does great things in property styling!

- Jeff & Janine,




My Interior Stylist is a fully qualified interior designer who works across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and on special occasions in other parts of Australia, offering a full range of home or property styling services to meet your design needs. From home staging to designing the interior of a new build or renovation, or simply advising on paint colour or the best furniture layout to create a balanced, harmonious environment, we are here to help.

Contact us today for your free 20 minute, no obligation, on-site consultation with one of the best home stylists in the city!


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