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20 Interior Styling Rules for decorating your home

1. Give your sofas some space. To create a comfy living area, think about both practicality and aesthetics. As a general rule, leave no less than 45cm between your seating and the central coffee table. Going any narrower can make it feel cramped, but having too much space might make it uncomfortable to reach for your drink or a book.

2. Choose a statement hero piece. Every room needs that one standout item that surprises, delights, and makes a big impact. It could be a unique furniture piece or an eye-catching decoration. Let it steal the show and become the focal point of the room. Everything else should compliment your one hero piece.

3. Fake height. If you have low ceilings, opt for low-profile furniture like sofas and coffee tables. This creates an illusion of height. You can also mix in some tall, slim bookshelves that draw the eye upwards, adding a sense of verticality.

4. Create layers. Layering is all about combining different fabrics, prints, colours, and textures to bring character and warmth to a room. It gives your house a lived-in and homely feel. Start by choosing one dominant fabric, such as curtains or a rug, and then add smaller-scale fabrics for cushions and lampshades.

5. Choose the right artwork and hang it correctly. Hang your artwork at eye level, roughly 145cm from the floor to the center of the picture. This tip is particularly useful for larger pieces displayed on vacant walls.

6. Add mirrors. Mirrors not only add light and depth to a room but also create the illusion of space. They can be real showstoppers too. Consider placing them strategically to reflect views and visually expand the area.

7. Get the lighting right. When selecting a pendant or chandelier to hang above your dining table, aim for a fitting that is about half to two-thirds of the table's width. The same ratio can be applied to long, slim light fixtures. This ensures a harmonious balance in the room.

8. Dress your windows. Curtains should either "kiss" the floor or elegantly puddle for a stunning effect. If you have small windows, hang your curtains outside the window's edge to make them appear larger. For a soft and spacious ambiance, consider covering an entire wall with curtains.

9. Mix up shapes. If your room feels too rigid with straight lines and right angles, introduce some curves. Add a round coffee table, a pair of round side tables, a round rug, or a round wall hanging. These shapes will bring variety and visual interest.

10. Don't splurge on trends. We've all been there, right? Those trends that flood our Instagram feeds, magazines, and stores. But here's the thing, trends burn bright and fade fast. Instead, focus on smaller trendy pieces like cushions, throws, or ornaments. They're easier and cheaper to switch out when they become passé, without breaking the bank.

11. Don't settle for anything less than love. We get it, you want your home to be perfect right away. But here's a little secret: take your time. Start with the essential items like beds, sofas, and tables, and gradually collect the accessories that truly capture your heart. If an item doesn't make you swoon, it doesn't belong in your home. Trust your gut and only bring in what you absolutely love.

12. Embrace emptiness. Leave room for the space to breathe. Negative space is your friend. Not every corner needs to be filled with something. Sometimes, quiet moments can have a more profound impact and draw attention to the things that are there. So, let your home have moments of calm and let your eyes truly appreciate what's on display.

13. If you're in the market for a bedside lamp, make sure it ticks the functional boxes first. Ensure it can be adjusted for direction and light strength. Once the functionality is sorted, then focus on its aesthetic appeal. A good lamp sets the mood, but if you're a bedtime reader, it's equally crucial that it provides sufficient light for your reading pleasure!

14. Invest in pieces that stand the test of time. You don't have to splurge on everything, but consider investing in an artwork or an armchair that will become collectible and age beautifully with love and use. These treasures will become lifelong companions.

15. When it comes to furniture, keep an eye out for pieces that offer storage solutions. Sideboards, consoles, and entertainment units are fantastic for hiding unsightly wires and cords. Keep your space tidy and organised while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

16. The key to creating timeless style is choosing items that truly resonate with you, rather than simply following the latest trends. Let your furniture be a reflection of your unique taste and passions. By doing so, it will endure the test of time and become a true representation of you.

17. Let your creativity flow while shopping for home decor. Check out places like Gumtree, eBay, auction houses, or antique stores. You'll discover amazing pieces that can be restored to exude elegance and a high-end look.

18. Scale matters when hanging art. Large pieces can balance out sizable furniture, while small ones shine best when grouped together. Find the perfect balance and let your art elevate your space.

19. Open-plan kitchen and living areas are perfect for impromptu entertaining, as they're the heart of the home. Make sure you have great seating at your kitchen island bench to create a buzzing hub of activity.

20. Finally, take a step back. If something feels off in your room but you can't quite put your finger on it, step back and view the room as a whole. Many interior designers swear by this technique. It often helps you identify what needs to be added, replaced, or removed. Maybe you'll notice an empty wall that needs filling, a wall craving a splash of color, or a corner begging for a luscious plant.

Hope these tips help you spruce up your space! Enjoy designing your home!

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