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Transform your grey room into a cozy oasis: 6 simple ways to embrace the latest trends

1) Let's start by adding some natural elements. Wicker, jute, and rattan are all the rage these days, and they bring a warm touch to any room. I am going to start with lighting fixtures. Whether you go a wall scone, a chandelier or pendant, these designs will instantly add warmth to your grey space. Below are some of my favourite designs by Gypset Cargo. Whether you are tackling an overall interior design project or a cosmetic interior styling project, these options will definitely put you on the right track.

Wicker, cane and warm light coloured timber will also add warmth to your cool grey space.

2) Lighting plays a significant role in creating a cosy atmosphere. Switching your bulbs to warm tones can instantly transform the feel of your room. Natural light also affects the overall ambiance, so if your space lacks sunlight, it might feel even cooler. To combat that, consider adding a few table and floor lamps to create warm spots in the room. When I use to stage properties, I would always change the light bulbs especially if the walls are grey. I would add warmer bulbs as it instantly add warmth to the interior styling. Living in Queensland, we have a lot of Queenslander homes with cream/yellow'ish walls and in that case you definitely want to use cold white bulbs. A warm bulb will just accentuate the cream and can make it feel very dated. I know it sounds like a small thing to do when it comes to interior styling but trust me, it can have a massive impact.

3) Don't forget about the greenery! Houseplants are a timeless trend that adds natural colors and forms to any space. Plus, they come with therapeutic qualities. So go ahead and bring in some green to liven up your grey room and create a home that you will love. I have created an illustration below of easy to grow indoor plants.

4) When it comes to finishes, opt for highly textured materials like wool and slubby linen instead of shiny fabrics. They give a more relaxed and cosy look to your space. Rugs and textured cushions are great for adding layers of texture.

5) If you're wondering which colors go well with grey, there are many options, and it simply depends on the look you want to create in your home. Included below are several color combinations that will assist you on your interior styling or design journey.

The key is to avoid wanting to match everything with grey, as adding more grey will make the space cooler. I have created two styling illustrations for you below. The first one is pretty grey and cold and looking at the second image, just by adding warmer colour, instantly transforming it into a warmer and cosier space.

6) Lastly, let's talk about metal finishes. While chrome is an obvious choice to go with grey, if you want to warm things up a bit, consider switching to brass. It's not as bright as gold, but it adds a touch of warmth to your overall color scheme.

So there you have it! Six easy ways to warm up your grey room using the latest trends. Give these ideas a try and watch your space transform into a cosy, inviting haven. Interior styling isn't hard if you take small steps and don't try and do it all at once.

Happy Styling!!

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