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8 cutes must see fur baby home decor hacks!

Be prepared for a lot of ooooohing and aaaaaahing as they are just gorgeous.

Our pets and like children to us, we love them like they are family and we don't hold back when it coms to spoiling them rotten, and that is ok. As "family members" it is important to incorporate their living habits into ours. Working with many clients who have not one but several pets, we regularly work on solutions like the ones below to keep homes pet friendly but neat and beautiful and in the same breath have happy humans.

Here are 8 adorable pet decor hacks that you can incorporate into your home without compromising on your style.

Create a designated pet area: Dedicate a specific area in your home as a pet zone, and arrange pet beds, toys, food and other items accordingly.

Let's start with the space under your stairs - one of my favourites!

Use that wasted space under your stairs for the perfect sleeping sanctuary.

Fur baby beds in cupboards! Yes you heard right!! I mean this is just so clever.

Pet food stations. I just love how the food stations have been integrated into these homes and they look great.

Incorporate their beds into your furniture. If you like neat and tidy and don't want random things on the floor then this might be a good solution for you.

Coordinate with furniture: Choose pet beds that coordinate with the furniture in the room. I mean how cute is this pink pet bed from Early Settler, perfect for a French Provincial or even Cottage style home. If you are more into styles like Boho or coastal then the rattan bed will be a great addition.

A teepee tent is another great option if your pet sleeps in an area where a more playful display will work better. If you feel inspired and creative, look at this video link that will show you how make your own teepee tent.

Add throws or covers: Add throw covers or blankets to pet beds to complement your room's style. We buy throws all the time to complete our decor or colour palette, why not do the same for your fur baby's sleeping spot. I am not saying you should spend hundreds of dollars on a throw as they can be very expensive. Retailers like Kmart and Target have cheap options available and don't forget TKMaxx. I have bought many beautiful throws from them at very affordable prices and they are generally a bit more fancier 😉 for those fancy pooche.

Match colours: Choose pet beds that match the colour scheme of your room to seamlessly blend in. A great idea is to repeat patterns in their bedding that are significant to your style.

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