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Getting organised at the start of a school year is crucial!

Whenever a new year comes around, after the excitement wears off the sanity starts to go right along with it. New sports clubs, new teachers, new homework regimens, maybe even new schools, where does one even begin?

This year I made it my mission to keep up with it all, so I decided to start from scratch. I took some solutions I use every year, tweaked them and made some improvements.

I present to the mums of the world, the My Interior Stylist-Approved New Year Solutions for Mums.

Where did the football bag go?

My son has an activity virtually every day of the school week. There’re football clothes, footballs, karate uniforms, swimming gear. In between managing my business and my son’s less than tidy tendencies trying to find it all is a headache.

There needed to be a designated place where I could store all of my son’s daily activities’ gear and organize it by the day. Once I articulated the problem, the solution became so obvious.

Luckily, we had this shelf in my son’s room full of things that could be thrown out and cleaned out. These shelves are cheap and available at retailers like Ikea.

I created a tag for each day of the week, placed below each shelf and VIOLA – a daily activities organizer with a couple extra shelves for miscellaneous school related things!

Being organised keep my stress level down and this option solves so many challenges ;-)

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