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How do you decide on a style that fits in with your homes architecture and layout?

When deciding on a style that fits with your home's architecture and layout, there are a few things you can consider:

Look to your home's existing architectural elements for inspiration. For example, if you have a home with a lot of traditional details, like moulding, ceiling detail, or a fireplace, you may want to lean towards a traditional or classic style.

Consider the overall layout and flow of your home. For example, if you have an open floor plan, you'll want to choose a style that can flow seamlessly from one room to the next.

Think about the function of each room in your home and how that can influence your design choices. For example, a living room should be comfortable and inviting, while a home office should be functional and conducive to working.

Consider the natural light in your home, and how it can be used to enhance the style you choose. For example, a style with light colors and natural materials can help make a small space feel larger and brighter.

Research different styles, and look at photos and examples of homes that have a similar architecture or layout to yours. This can help you get a sense of what different styles look like and how they can be adapted to fit your home.

Consult with an interior designer or stylist, they can help you navigate through the process and offer professional advice based on your personal preferences and budget.

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