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Transform Your Space with These 34 Budget-Friendly Weekend DIYs!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

1.Thrift store treasures: Find unique pieces and give them new life with a fresh coat of paint or creative alterations. Here I have found this urn like vase and larger pot at a thrift store and with some chalk paint from Tjhoko Paint, the transformation is just gorgeous. This is an easy and affordable option when you want to style your home.

Restore old vases and pots by painting them and giving them new life. DIY Home decor projects. Interior Styling and Home Decor
DIY Home Decor Ideas

2. Door handle magic: You are going to love this one. Remove those old door knobs and pop over to Bunnings and get new ones like how I have done in this image below.

3. Nature's touch: Bring the outdoors in to your interior styling by incorporating plants and flowers to add a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere. This is one of my favourite things to do. Have a look at this video on Instagram where I have dried palm leaves to create the perfect accent piece in my living room.

Use dried palm leaves and cut them to size to create a beautiful statement piece in your home. Interior Styling and Home Decor
DIY home decor ideas, using dried palm leaves

4. Statement walls: Transform a room with a bold paint colour, removable wallpaper. I your walls a very damaged and a smooth wallpaper won't work then have a look at Bunnings's paintable wallpaper which is super easy to hang and you can paint it any colour.

5. Swap and share: Organise a decor swap with friends or join online communities to exchange items, giving your space a fresh look without spending a dime.

6. Repurpose and recycle: Give a new purpose to old items by repurposing them into functional or decorative pieces. Remember that crystal vase your grandmother gave you, which you don't use? Give it a new life by using it as a pen holder in your home office. You might roll your eyes, but a beautifully styled home office will be further enhanced with that touch of luxury. Why save it for a special occasion? Use it now.

7. Painted furniture: Give worn-out furniture a facelift with a coat of paint in a trendy colour. I found this great blog by BHG and they have curated a list on painting your furniture, check it out.

Paint old furniture and give them new life. Interior Styling and Home Decor
Revamp your old furniture by painting them

8. Mix and match: Combine different patterns and textures to your home decor for an eclectic and visually appealing look. When attempting your interior styling journey it is good to try new things and experimenting with different colours and patterns.

9. Elevate Your Space with Floating Shelves: Enhance the style and organisation of your room with the art of interior styling by showcasing your favourite items on floating shelves. Floating shelves provide a sleek and modern solution for displaying decor pieces, books, or personal mementos. Take a squiz at this example where I've incorporated a floating shelf above a bed, creating a captivating focal point. By styling it with frames and other accessories, you can personalise the space and infuse your unique style. When it comes to acquiring floating shelves, stores like Bunnings or Ikea offer a range of affordable options. Embrace the versatility of floating shelves and let your interior styling shine.

Add a floating shelf above your bed to create a focal point and style it with frames and other decor items. Interior Styling and Home Decor
Add floating shelves for a cheap home decor make-over

10. Decorative mirrors: Hang mirrors strategically to create the illusion of a larger and brighter room.

11. Rugs and textiles: Add warmth and cosiness with affordable rugs, cushions, and throws.

12. Wall art: Create your own artwork or print out free printables to decorate your walls. About 7 years ago, I designed a real estate agency's offices in Brisbane with a small budget, so I had to get crafty. I purchased beautiful placemats and frames from Ikea, mounted the placemats in the frames, and they looked stunning. They still hang in their office today. I've created an illustration for you below. On the right is an Ikea frame, and to the right of it are 4 Cushion Accessories from The Cushion Accessory Co., which is my other business. They are perfect to frame as well. In the bottom left corner, you'll find an illustration of it. However, you can also purchase placemats from other places and frame them. The second image is a perfect illustration where I used white Ikea frames and two different placemats. It's super easy, quick, and affordable!

Use Cushion Accessories or placemats and frame them to create beautiful art pieces.
DIY wall art and how to create it - Interior Styling and Home Decor

Transform Cushion Accessories or Placemats into Stunning Art Pieces with Frames.
Create your own unique wall art by framing place matts - Interior Styling and Home Decor

13. Lighting makeover: Replace outdated light fixtures with affordable and stylish alternatives.

14. Temporary wallpaper: Experiment with removable wallpaper to add patterns and personality to your walls. If you have walls that are in pretty bad shape, you might consider Bunnings's paintable textured wallpaper which are super easy to install and the fact that it is paintable makes it so much more attractive as it gives a beautiful textured finish to the wall.

15. Rearrange furniture: Give your space a fresh perspective by rearranging the furniture layout. Another idea is to swap the furniture around in your house.

16. Photo gallery: Create a personalised gallery wall with family photos or artwork. Here's a great idea on how to create a gallery wall, and Ikea offers some fantastic, affordable frames.

Create a gallery wall by following these simple illustration on how to hang your pictures
How to create a gallery wall - Interior Styling and Home Decor

17. Decorative baskets: Use decorative baskets to organise and declutter while adding a stylish touch. Kmart has a cheap range to select from as well as a range of stackable bamboo baskets which you can use in your pantry.

Use baskets to organise your home and shelving and add name tags
Organise your home by using baskets - Interior Styling and Home Decor

Use bamboo baskets to organise your pantry and shelving
Organise your pantry with bamboo baskets - Interior Styling and Home Decor

18. Window treatments: Update your curtains or blinds to instantly elevate the look of your windows. This is another one of my VERY AFFORDABLE solutions. During my 7 years of property staging, I've used this trick many times. As you can see in the image below, this was a client's house where I suggested painting the feature wall white and adding curtains, which you have to agree, made a big transformation. For now, we're focusing on affordable makeovers, and places like Ikea and Kmart have some great curtains to achieve just that. In this case, I used sheers from Kmart and white curtains from Ikea. However, do take into consideration the length as Ikea's curtains tend to be very long, while Kmart's are the perfect length for an average-height window.

Cheap curtains to transform your home, living room and bedrooms
Transform your windows by adding cheap window covers - Interior Styling and Home Decor

19. Bold accents: Incorporate vibrant pops of color through accent pillows, rugs, or statement pieces.

20. Chalkboard paint: Transform a wall or surface into a fun and functional chalkboard for notes or artwork.

21. Hanging planters: Utilize vertical space with hanging planters to bring greenery indoors.

Hang a plant to create depth in your decor.
Create some visual interest by adding hanging plants - Interior Styling and Home Decor

22. Succulent garden: Create a low-maintenance indoor garden with a variety of succulent plants.

23. Painted door: Give your front door a fresh coat of paint in a welcoming colour. I don't know about you, but these doors are simply stunning and make a fantastic first impression. One thing to keep in mind is that if you choose to paint your front door black, avoid using a gloss finish as it tends to highlight every little bump and detail. Opt for a matte finish instead.

First impressions lasts and painting your front door a beautiful colour will enhance your house
Create a visual impact by painting your front door - Interior Styling and Interior Design

25. Bookshelf styling: Rearrange and style your bookshelf with decorative items and meaningful trinkets. I have created this illustration for you to assist with the task. Before you begin, consider the colour palette of the room and remove books that do not fit within that palette. If that isn't an option, turn the books around so that the pages face the room, hiding the various colours of the book covers.

How to style your shelves using books and accessories
Style your shelving - Interior Styling and Home Decor

How to style your shelves, illustration - interior styling and design
Illustration on how to style your shelves

26. Fairy lights: Add a touch of whimsy and ambiance with fairy lights in any room.

27. Outdoor oasis: Transform your outdoor space with comfortable seating, string lights, and potted plants. A great idea is to visit your local farmers market, as they offer affordable plants. I often find baskets there that I use for my plants, which can be as inexpensive as a couple of dollars.

28. Creative storage solutions: Use baskets, crates, and other clever storage options to keep your space organised. As I am writing this blog, I found these great storage solutions from Kmart which I haven't seen before, it's worth checking out.

Organise your cupboards by using baskets and storage solutions
Organise your home - Interior Styling and Home Decor

29. Fabric headboard: DIY a fabric-covered headboard to instantly refresh your bedroom. Yes, this is another fantastic idea. During property staging, I would frequently update headboards by adding new fabric and using a staple gun to create a stunning new piece. I've included a DIY Illustration for you by Clever Poppy. Get creative and choose a bold colour or print to make it the focal point of your room. You can base the colour palette on its design and have loads of fun decorating the space.

DIY home decor - recover your old headboard and give it a new life
Recover your head board to revive your old one - - Interior Styling and Home Decor

30. Upcycled artwork: Frame old calendars, vintage maps, or magazine pages for inexpensive and unique artwork.

31. Candles and candleholders: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with scented candles and stylish candleholders.

32. Open shelving: Remove cabinet doors to create open shelves for displaying your favorite dishes or decor.

33. Hanging artwork: Use removable hooks to hang artwork or photographs without damaging your walls.

34. Outdoor seating area: Create a relaxing space by giving your old outdoor furniture a new life. Have a look at this video from Bunnings where they give you a detailed illustration.

Paint and restore your outdoor furniture
Paint and revive your outdoor furniture to create a relaxed and beautiful outdoor area - Interior Styling and Home Decor

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